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5 Strategies for a High-Value Door Opener for MSPs

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MSPs have been using low-value enticements to get in front of prospects. There are 5 criteria that make a door opener effective.


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Goal: Get in front of prospects before they ever have a technology problem.

MSPs need to get in front of high value, mature and qualified business owners and executives. When they use low-perceived-value door openers to get that first meeting those clients will expect just another IT proposal. 

The usual way any prospects get in touch with us is when they have a problem and are looking for a fix. That market has become a commodity, and there’s no shortage of cheap fix competitors. These aren’t going to give you the access to high-level decision makers that you need.

A high-value door opener that will generate predictable sales has 5 critical features.


Tip # 1 - Door Opener should target executives with a business narrative

It must target executives with business narrative, and appeal to only the main executives, not the typical tech crowd. It should make them feel like they’ll come out as the hero and allow them to be better business executives. It must not relegate you to "another MSP" or suggest that you are going after their MSP.

This is where your thought leadership can shine. You know the real demands small and medium sized businesses are making in the current situation. Digital presence and remote management have never been more important. They’re under pressure to update their online customer facing systems, as well as their internal processes and security. If you’re well informed on the solutions available for these issues, you’ll have an advantage.


Tip # 2 - Door Opener should be problem independent

It must be independent of any specific problem or they won’t want it when their system is working. Stay upstream from the problems and not down the way, getting snagged only when they're looking for a solution. What you’re capable of delivering is far beyond technical problem solving. We have a vision of digital maturity and the benefits it could bring any modern business. Put that to use and offer something that nobody else is even suggesting.

A comprehensive solution to a suite of challenges will intrigue the executive decision makers. Incidental fixes aren’t relevant. You need to offer something that transcends the details.


Tip # 3 - Door Opener should offer a high value deliverable

It needs to have obvious high value, and promise to give them a lot. It helps if it provides some education related to their problems. Scores that show how far they are from their goals, an action plan they can jump on, and a complete polished package. It can’t be vague in what it promises to deliver.


Tip # 4 - The Door Opener should be treated as a product

The process and deliverables must have obvious benefits. Ensure they come with a proper value proposition, demonstrable results and proven process.

Any assessment you offer can be sold with a limited vision, or tied to a broader plan. Boost the perceived value of an assessment by giving it a higher, more beneficial purpose. Business owners will respond to something that has a wide reaching positive effect on their whole enterprise.


Tip # 5 - The Door Opener should be easy to say yes to

It should be a “No-Brainer.” This is the point where you want nothing but promise. It can't come with anything that seems like a burden. It can't seem to have strings attached.

Our advisors use a service called a “Business Improvement Review”. It gives business executives a complete view of their goals, capabilities, and digital maturity. As a result, your sales team will convert leads faster and get more out of their efforts. This evergreen door opener is designed to make contact with potential customers in the most effective way possible. With this marketing strategy, there's no need to constantly switch up what works so as not to bore your audience or bombard them with messages.


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Get in front of the best prospects with the most potential. Make sure your door openers are high value with these 5 criteria.


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