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Cut the Tech Talk and Speak to What Your Prospects Really Care About

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The average MSP's strategic narrative dwells on technology. That conversation doesn’t resonate with the executive prospects you need to engage. Switch your approach to the "Business Improvement Narrative."


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If you want to get the attention of a specified kind of prospect, then it's important to make a good first impression. A high-value door opener is a great way to differentiate your business from your competition. MSPs unfortunately have a habit of leading with the wrong topic. You want to make sure your prospects are listening to you. Your brand is unique, and it should generate interest among your the right prospects. Here are 5 strategies for how you can create a high-value door opener that interests the executives you want for clients.


Business owners value their employees over their technology; they will pay more to support their employees.

The investment in employees is the most valuable asset for any business. Business owners are very interested in their employees' productivity. It's more difficult to find qualified candidates than ever before. Also, companies have found that investing in new technologies can be an expense with minimal gains if there aren't substantial improvements made to employee engagement levels first. They put more emphasis on improving how well workers perform when looking at which initiatives should take priority. This is why your approach needs to consider the human resources first, and then the technology.


Technology focused marketing only attracts a business owner when they have a current technology pain.

How you present yourself can keep you invisible to your chosen audience. For example, if a business is experiencing difficulties with their current website and needs a quick repair or redesign, then this would motivate them to contact someone who specializes in technology-focused marketing. But decision makers you want to engage are more concerned with the productivity of their employees than the minutiae of the website. That’s dysfunctional marketing in action.


Business focused marketing attracts a business owner at all times

Business focused marketing is all about making sure that your company sticks in someone's head long after their first contact. It continues to be relevant as changes happen within their business ventures. If you’re front-of-mind as a solution provider before anything goes wrong then those companies will become long-term clientele who know you’re a business partner from day one.


A simple shift in your terminology will make a major difference.

Business owners don't search too often for technology. They want to find somebody who can promise reliable IT management. Dysfunctional marketing with a tech approach leaves you undistinguished from your competition. You'll never get found again once your technology focused offerings have done their job! To create sustainable sales, present yourself as a reliable source of solutions the executives value. So for you to keep relevant with the prospects you need to engage, make sure they remember you when they’re looking for business solutions.


Test this theory out yourself; take some of your current blogs and rephrase them to be business focused and see the difference.

If you do a Google search on the top five challenges companies face when implementing MS Teams, you’ll get an assortment of articles from tech companies. Then change the question a bit. What are the top challenges faced in team collaboration? Now you’ll start to find content from Forbes magazine and human resources professionals. A simple shift in your terminology opens you up to a whole new demographic!


Business owners search for business improvement topics much more often than they search for technology improvement topics.

Bridge that gap between where you are now with what it takes to have an engaging conversation with the right prospects. Create better conversations with them so they will come to you first. Those who search for technology improvements often have some expertise with computers or other aspects of technology. The owners, on the other hand, aren’t going to search in that language. They need to find how to conduct their business more efficiently, or enhance the work environment for their valued employees. So your SOE needs to reflect their point of view.


On a bumper sticker

The average MSP is using a "technology-driven" narrative, which doesn't resonate with executives they need to engage. Drop this dysfunctional marketing with a shift in your conversations.


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