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3 min read

What is Your MSP's Answer to the Digital Transformation Megatrend?

What is Your MSP's Answer to the Digital Transformation Megatrend?

Digital Transformation is a megatrend already recognized by Keseya. It’s going to see $2 billion in spending among small and medium sized businesses this year. MSPs need to decide how to respond.

The global pandemic has transformed our society. The challenges raised by the need for remote work alone have been profound and complex. They aren’t new, but have grown in priority in the last two years. The IT industry is in a state of radical need for change. Businesses face new levels of stress with RMM, cybersecurity and cloud migration. Remote employees are better equipped than ever. They're now running applications that need seamless patch management update control.

Enterprise budgets strain under the need to update legacy hardware. They need to improve the customer experience online, without risk, or fall behind their competition.

The world is not only plugged in, it needs the system to work in new ways. This is the Digital Transformation that our clients are demanding. It surfaced as a new element in the top 7 most pressing issues for end customers, according to Kaseya.




This is the dawning of a new age for the MSP industry. We all must decide if we’re going to respond now, or after everyone else.

Digital Transformation is the integration of digital solutions into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how the business operates and how it delivers value to its customers

While the priority of Digital Transformation is gaining traction among IT service providers, a lot of MSPs haven’t yet heard of it. They are, however, familiar with the concerns of their customers, as listed above. They’re comfortable performing legacy system replacement, RMM, and selling and installing advanced security. They only need to take a step up to the integration of all these fine skills.

"Successful organizations embrace digital technologies because they know this generates greater value for customers and provides an environment for employees to thrive – which equals higher profits for the business.

Digital Transformation is the single most important opportunity that enables organizations to leverage technologies across all aspects of the business."

Based on research done by the SMG Technology Group, 69% of companies that have a plan for Digital Transformation are currently growing, while 73% of companies without a plan, are not growing.

This is a big deal....

Let's see what you can do about it:

Digital Transformation is the single most important opportunity that enables organizations to leverage technologies across all aspects of the business

It is the process of embedding new technologies and approaches into organizations in order to improve their competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability. The top challenges are each tall orders, and together, a daunting task. They are all also within the skill sets of modern MSPs.

The term 'Digital Transformation' has been used extensively over the last decade as an umbrella for all aspects of change that involve technology-enabled business transformation (e.g., Digital Marketing). 

This is an excellent opportunity to be at the vanguard of this burgeoning digital trend and establish your brand's presence in it as soon as possible so that you can get ahead of the competition.  


Learn now or be late to the table

Make a decision about the Digital Transformation megatrend: ignore it, or learn about it and validate it for yourself. It’s here as certain as Covid, which, ironically, helped spawn it. Remote work is also growing in popularity and necessity. 

Start learning now by downloading our eBook "5 Disciplines of a Future-Proof MSP" (include this URL 5 Disciplines of a Future Proof MSP)

We put together an e-book that clearly outlines how you can get into this business. Check for it on our website, and download it any time.


Validate for yourself by talking to your customers

Validate your process by checking with your clients. Ask them if they would be interested in a comprehensive solution of their online commerce and management needs. The validation will not only let you know whether the client is interested. This talk will help establish your brand. You’re the best choice to keep ahead of evolving demands of today’s businesses, and they know they need this.

Ask if they are looking for better ways to engage with their customers

Three questions can help clarify whether they’re interested in Digital Transformation, even if they’ve never heard of it.

First, are they looking for a better way to engage with their customers with sales and service through digital solutions? 

Do they see a need for improvement in their business but don't understand how technology can help?

Second, could they really use a way to increase efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and possibly even reduce their workforce? They may see a way to do that through technology, but just don't know how to get it under way.

Have they incorporated their technologies and core applications into their business plan and outlined how they help them become a better company?

Third, do they have an actual plan in place that looks at their business, where their business is going and ties all the applications they're using into their business plan and business strategy?


Time to shift your message to more business focused topics

You'll find many of your customers really do need digital transformation services. Some of them may not be ready for it yet. That's fine, but many will be. And now's the time to start having these conversations with them. Start shifting your conversations and your strategies to be more business focused, tying the digital transformation services into the technology solutions that you're delivering. 


On a bumper sticker:

Recent studies have found companies are yearning for a solution to the many challenges of online commerce. Digital Transformation is now an established trend with huge potential. The time to establish yourself as a leader in this is now.


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